Organ Grinders Local 1 is a new experiment in simultaneous rehearsal space sharing for theatre-makers in NYC.

To overcome the ever-worsening problem of not having enough time and space to experiment and dig deep into the creative process, Organ Grinders Local 1 has come up with a solution that allows many performers and ensembles to work in a single space all at once.


Expanding upon the trend of intentional space-sharing –from writers’ groups to corporate “cowork” spaces– recently gaining popularity in major US cities, we’re banking on the fact that this “hive” model can lead theatre-makers to discover new possibilities of artistic practice and creative community building.

By sharing a consistent, reliable, and safe rehearsal space, theatre artists and ensembles can finally have the necessary luxury of time and space that is so essential to the creation of deep work.

We believe this shift has the potential to transform radically the way theatre is made in our culture.

(read more about The Concept)

Organ Grinders is a project of
North American Cultural Laboratory

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  1. Where is it? How big is it? How many spaces? Are there photos of the spaces?


    • bradkrumz says:

      There is one big space, about 40 feet by 70 feet. We don’t have photos yet, but hopefully we will soon. The address, along with the other pages of the site (which I think maybe you didn’t see…?), can be found in the header of the website: 520 Clinton Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11238. You can also use the feedback form on the “Contact” page if you have any more detailed questions. Thanks for your interest!


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