The Money

Come try Organ Grinders Local 1 for the first time,
and your first day is on the house!
That’s right, if you’ve never been in the space before,
you get 3 full hours of rehearsal, absolutely FREE!!!

After that, you pay the normal, low rates–

The following fee structure–designed to balance affordability with sustainability–is based on a 3-hour minimum space usage per day, which we call a “Unit”:


You can get your Units (1 Unit = 1 three-hour day) from the Shop Steward using cash, check, or credit card, or you can click here to purchase Units online.

Check the usage calendar for availability (max. 20 bodies in the room per day), and contact the Shop Steward via the online form to reserve your space.

There is a 48-hour cancellation policy. Space is reservable on a first-come/first-served basis, and units never expire.

(From now through February 2014, Organ Grinders Local 1 is in “Beta-Testing” Mode, so the nominal one-time membership fee is waived. Beginning in March 2015, you must be a member to use the space.)

(plans for The Future…)

Organ Grinders is a project of
North American Cultural Laboratory

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