The Concept

“But wait,” you say, “won’t this just be too chaotic and distracting???”

Well, take a moment and think back to any of a number of workshop experiences you’ve had, where there are, say, 15-20 participants, and at a certain point, the leader asks everyone to split up and work on creating material in small groups.

Even though everyone is working on something different, the room magically transforms into a hive of productive chaos.

The noise and activity of the others does not distract or interfere; rather, it contributes to the energy of the creative process.

Everyone moves about the space with respect for the others, and great things emerge.

And so it is with Organ Grinders Local 1: a bunch of performers and ensembles work on different projects at the same time in the same space, and it works like magic!

(check out The Details…)

Organ Grinders is a project of 
North American Cultural Laboratory

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