The Details

From 10am-1pm, Mondays-Thursdays, Organ Grinders Local 1 is renting the Lower Parish Hall space at the inspiringly progressive Church of St. Luke and St. Matthew in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn (520 Clinton Ave. betw. Fulton and Atlantic). We figure there’s sufficient room for around 20 bodies to move around pretty freely (the space is about 2,440 sq. ft.).

LowerParishHall1   LowerParishHall2

Theatre makers and performers–individuals and small groups (up to 8 people?)–can use this as ongoing rehearsal space for a project already underway, or simply to mess around with some new material that you normally wouldn’t put up on its feet, because of the usual time/space restrictions.

Keeping in mind the unified goal of working “in private in public,” everyone gets full use of the entire room, taking care to respect the physical and sonic space of the others during each 3-hour session.

At the end of each day, everyone convenes for a quick check-in and greeting/farewell.

And remember, to keep everyone involved feeling safe in their explorations: “What happens in Organ Grinders stays in Organ Grinders” (Meaning, to preserve creative sanctity, we ask everyone not to speak about the work of other Organ Grinders outside of the space).

(what about The Money…?)

Organ Grinders is a project of
North American Cultural Laboratory

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